Multi Quality Policy Statement

Multi Integral Limited is an engineering company engaged in the provision of project support, fabrication, welding, scaffolding, blasting and painting, and intelligent pigging services in the onshore and offshore of the Nigerian oil and gas industry.
It is the policy of MULTI to provide clients with products and services that conform to requirements, meet client needs, exceed client expectations, and is delivered timely in a cost-effective manner.
It is recognized by MULTI that quality is one of the most important means of maintaining competitive strength in providing products and services that meet the stringent requirements and expectations of today’s oil and gas sector ofnational economy. MULTI also recognizes the right of clients to demand high
quality and reliable products and services at minimum cost. The company has therefore established and maintains a Quality Management System that conforms to the requirements of NIS ISO 9001:2008. All MULTI product realization and support processes are planned to meet the requirements of this
International standard and meet client’s needs in all respects of quality, cost, performance, safety and reliability.

MULTI top management has the basic responsibility over the Quality Management System and is committed to continually improve its effectiveness. Quality objectives in consonance with this Quality Policy are established and pursued at relevant functions and levels within the company. These objectives are reviewed periodically for attainment.
The achievement of these quality objectives including project-specific objectives depends on the quality attitude, knowledge and skill of the personnel. Therefore, highly competent and professional workforce capable of delivering the quality products and services envisaged for clients are engaged in the service delivery process.

Our culture and our systematic process enable us to provide the same high level of service from everyoffice to everyclient.

Multi is committed to a continuous improvement process that enhances ourcommitment to excellence while maintaining safety of all personnel, the public and the environment. We are also committed to effective community relations with host communities at locations where our projects are being executed.

All Multi employees and subcontractors (whereapplicable)are responsible for compliance with the requirements established by this policy manual. Each employee has the responsibility and authority quality adherence. Employees have the duty and freedom to identify and report any defects in our practices that would impact negatively on quality, safety,efficiency, cost orschedule, so that corrective action can be initiated.




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